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  frequently asked questions

1. What is this Pulveria website all about?
This website was created by Jeff Pulver and is the story of the Metaverse he created known as Pulveria. You are invited to join his community by purchasing one or more of the NFTs included in the Pulveria NFT collection.  If you place an order for a NFT on this website, a random NFT from the Pulveria NFT collection will be assigned to you.  Jeff Pulver is the primary Digital Artist behind this collection. Jeff's art includes a mixture of drawing and his photography. Michele Feldman and Lauren Pulver contributed to the creation of Pulveria.

2. Okay, so what is a NFT?
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are Digital Assets.  Jeff Pulver is currently teaching people about NFTs and is offering a number of live classes about NFTs. 

3. Do I need to own Crypto in order to purchase your NFT?
No. On this website you can place an order for your NFT using a credit card or Paypal.

4. What is the cost for the Pulveria NFT?
NFTs from the Pulveria Collection are being sold at US$ 125 plus Eventbrite fees. 

5. Can I buy these NFTs with Ethereum?
Yes, you can order directly on

6. Can I buy these NFTs with $JEFF on
Yes, you can purchase directly on
7. Are there more Pulveria characters being introduced in the future?
Yes.  This will continue until there are a few thousand Pulveria characters represented.

8. I love what I see, but I would love to have a custom character, created for me, is this  possible?
Yes, for an additional fee, a custom Pulverian can be created.  Please contact           for more information.