Our Backstory:

“ADOPT A PULVERIAN and start a Legacy”

Background: The Pulveria Metaverse started as an island in Second Life in 2007. 

The founding families of Pulveria include:  The Blocks, The Doodles, The 140confs, The Codas, The Radios and The Stars.  The legacy of these families are the primary residents of Pulveria today.

After being left alone for eons, the citizens of Pulveria have recently become aware of the effects of galactic warming. On Pulveria the ocean levels are rising quickly and it is getting harder to breathe in their atmosphere.

While some members of the Pulveria community have the financial means to leave on their own, many do not.  Funds are needed to build the rocket ships and boats to access the Ocean Wormholes needed for Space travel.

It has been decreed by the Royal Pulveria Empire to license the unique likeness of each citizen of Pulveria as NFTs for sale across multiple NFT platforms and multiple blockchains. The Royal Empire of Pulveria has never met a Blockchain they did not like. 


The initial NFT platforms supported are OpenSea and Rally.io. The entire NFT portfolio can be viewed on OpenSea. The cost to purchase a Pulveria NFT on pulveria.xyz is about US$ 125. (when using a credit card or paypal)

The Pulveria collective is looking for Heros from across the Galaxy of Metaverses to Help Save Pulveria!

Please see our Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) page if you have questions about Pulveria.


order your
Pulveria NFT today

The Pulveria Collection is available for viewing. The complete collection is minted on OpenSea.  When you purchase a Pulveria NFT, you are our HERO!

Purchase Options:

 - using credit card or paypal click HERE

- at https://opensea.io/collection/pulveria


HERO Benefits:

  • The unique opportunity to provide a name for the character represented by your NFT. When purchasing your NFT be sure to include the name you have chosen for your Pulverian. (without your input, your Pulverian will be randomly named)

  • Access to #140conf events

  • Access to the Jeff Pulver Extended Universe (JPEU)

  • You have permission to use the image as your own Avatar. 

  • Access to the private Pulveria Discord channel.  (coming soon)